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My Online Adventures April 28, 2010

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If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve likely seen a few links lately – to posts on other blogs about My Bridal Bouquet! Yes, it seems this idea has really caught the imaginations of more than just me, my family and friends. Since not everyone sees those posts, I thought I’d share some of the links here – but don’t worry, I’m not cheating; there’s a brooch to show you, too!

The first blogger to reach out to me was Lynn, from Celebrate Green. She’s got a lovely site full of examples of people who are, as she puts it, “putting meaning in the greening.” It was really fun to chat with her over Skype – and it helped organize my thoughts about just why I’m doing this project & how I might make it all come together!

Lynn’s blog post was noticed by Jessica Walden; she’s a jewelry designer in Chicago. She answered Lynn’s call for folks to send me pieces for the bouquet – and blogged about it, too! Here’s a photo of the wonderfully perfect vintage brooch she sent; she picked it up from Weber Antiques in Grayslake, Illinois. (Alex and I visited Chicago for a weekend last year & absolutely loved it! We’re so thrilled that the first piece from a ‘stranger’ came from a place we feel a connection with – it’s just all meant to be, eh?)

Finally, My Bridal Bouquet was featured by Toronto’s The Wedding Co. If we were still in the Big Smoke, I’d for sure be going to all the great shows these folks put on! This has been a great little whirlwind of love and support from people we don’t even know – it’s just fantastic to know that other people can see the joy and value in this project!

While I’m talking about blogs, you can also check out the post from our photographers showcasing our engagement photo shoot – we were going for a ‘Winter Date’ theme!

And don’t worry. The excitement is far from over. I’ve got LOTS more brooches to blog about – and hope to have EVEN MORE before I start trying to put this together in June! In case you’re wondering what that might look like, here’s the blog of the woman who seems to me to be the originator of the brooch bouquet, Amanda Heer.

Oh, and did I mention – because of this blog – I’m doing  a15-minute radio documentary about the wedding industry in the Maritimes? It’ll be on CBC Radio One on June 13th!

(PS – for those of you who ‘get’ Twitter & know a bit about weddings — The Knot gave me a #FF as one of the brides they love – and Martha Stewart started following me! I’m kinda loving this wedding planning thing!)


A Shad memory April 26, 2010

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For those who haven’t heard the story, Alex & I met at summer geek camp – also known as Shad Valley – back in the summer of 1995. We spent a month in Winnipeg – during a heat wave. We bonded over being lifeguards from the Maritimes without a lake in sight! There are a LOT of stories from that summer, but the one that’s relevant today involves our first swimming adventure during those dry weeks. The university campus where we stayed was across the road from a golf course. One night, a group of Shads (who, for their own protection shall remain nameless!) decided it would be worth the potential punishment to sneak away under the cover of darkness for a dip in the water trap on the course. I still remember sputtering up to the surface after Alex dunked me, blinking water out of my eyes & complaining my contacts had floated away (which scored me a piggy back ride home!). But I digress.

The reason I’m sharing the story is that we did get caught, sort of. One counsellor, John, found out about the little adventure … but instead of doling out punishment, he was just disappointed we didn’t invite him! John has remained a friend over the years and recently sent his RSVP for the wedding. He’s going to be away on work at the time, but he will be with us in spirit – and in my bouquet. Here’s the explanation John sent for his contribution:

“You know how anytime you clean something up you chuck stuff you think there’d seriously be no use for, and then realize you need them six months later?  Well.  I had a fiasco in the house last fall, had a huge hailstorm that basically destroyed my roof and sent water into one of the bedrooms, which necessitated a lot of work just to get all the crap out of there so that fixing-up could commence.  When going thru all this stuff, I found a ton of old costume jewelery and thought well, who’s going to want this? And so I gave it to a thrift shop.  Much of it would have been perfect for your bouquet, but I went through what was left last night and found two small flowery things (they’re actually big clip-on earrings of my great-grandmother’s) that you could tuck in a corner and fill up a gap between some bigger things.”


Australian adventure April 21, 2010

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Friends of ours recently returned from an adventure of a lifetime in Australia. Even a world away, enjoying a trip they’ve planned for about as long as we’ve been planning our wedding, they thought of us & my bridal bouquet.

I have to say, this was one of my favourite packages to unwrap so far. It came in a bubble-wrap envelope bigger than my outstretched hand. Inside was a box with an envelope on top. The lime green & blue card with the hot pink bag containing the brooch were a perfect match to the bright, bold colours we’re using for the wedding. The card, in part, reads:

“We came across a market stall in Sydney that sold nothing but pretty jewels. It was like a candy store filled with colourful sweets! I picked up this brooch and thought it captured the whimsical touches you’re adding to your special day – a little bit of Australia to add to your bouquet!”

The brooch is perfect – full of colours that aren’t already represented in my bouquet, with dainty leaves that I can’t draw my eyes away from. I know it will take a place of honour in my bouquet, just as the friendship that it represents has a place of honour in my heart.

The joy for life and love of friends that Noemie and Bryan share with the world is a true gift; it’s been an inspiration to me and will always be the basis for many of my most precious memories of our time in Toronto.


The Bestest Godmother April 17, 2010

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I don’t know if there’s ever been a baby born who lucked into godparents as fabulous and as fitting as I did. My godmother, Karen, is a smart, funny, laid-back woman who I’ve always known was there for me, even when long stretches of time would go by without us catching up. (The same goes for my godfather, my uncle Dan, but he’ll get his own post later!) She’s raised some wonderful kids, spends her work days helping people who are in need, and can throw a great party! Karen was one of the first people to come test out the guest room at our house; it was such a wonderful weekend of shopping & chatting & teaching me to wallpaper. I love that she’s part of my house, and part of my bouquet, because she’s also been a part of my life, offering a wonderful role model of what a mother, friend, sister, daughter and wife should be.


Vonnie’s earrings April 14, 2010

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I’ll admit this project has brought tears to my eyes more than once, as people have overwhelmed me with their generosity in sharing precious mementos and family heirlooms. One of those treasures that really touched my heart came in a box chock-full of presents for the bouquet. It was from my aunt Denise and her two daughters, Monica and Sara.

Sara sent along a note to explain what was in the box they sent. There were three pieces “picked out with you in mind” – a lovely rose, a blue flower on a stick pin, and a little pink brooch. Then there were two pieces that came from Denise’s jewelry case – a bouquet made from clay and a porcelain boutonniere. There was also a bracelet that’s been re-gifted a few times; very fitting! But what brought me to tears were three pairs of clip-on earrings. They belonged to Denise’s mother-in-law, Vonnie MacLean.

I always smile when I think of her or hear her name; she just always seemed like such a happy, life-loving woman! She is definitely one who could be described as having a life well lived, full of joy and, for anytime I can recall, surrounded by family and friends. I know I’ll already be smiling on my wedding day, but thinking of her spirit being in my hands that day makes me smile just a little bit more.


Life’s Journey April 11, 2010

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When my mother got married, one of the friends that stood with her was Elaine. We’re not sure if Elaine will be able to make it to the wedding to see me walk down the aisle, but she’ll be in my thoughts – and in my bouquet! Elaine has sent me a lovely, sparkly pink flower that is just perfect for this occasion! The brooch came in its own case, with an inscription. It reads:

Life’s Journey

Life is but a journey
As we grow along the way

Enriching us with memories
As tomorrow becomes today

I have many great memories that include visits with Elaine. I’m happy that one of the memories I’ll be able to add to that list will be my wedding day.


Celtic Colours April 8, 2010

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My aunt Sheila loves to dance. She loves music. She loves to throw a great party. She’s short, funny, and has a fiery personality. Most of these things also describe me, so needless to say I’ve always felt a connection! Sheila has also been a wonderful example to us all in what it means to love your extended family – she lavishes attention on her nieces, nephews, their children and her friends’ children like no one else. A few years back, she was on the board of Celtic Colours, an international music festival in Cape Breton. I’ve volunteered for the festival almost every year, so it’s perfect that the piece of Sheila’s that I’ll carry down the aisle is a pewter brooch of the festival’s crest – a Celtic knot wrapped around the island of Cape Breton (which will always be home, no matter how long I live in Boundary Creek).