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A Shad memory April 26, 2010

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For those who haven’t heard the story, Alex & I met at summer geek camp – also known as Shad Valley – back in the summer of 1995. We spent a month in Winnipeg – during a heat wave. We bonded over being lifeguards from the Maritimes without a lake in sight! There are a LOT of stories from that summer, but the one that’s relevant today involves our first swimming adventure during those dry weeks. The university campus where we stayed was across the road from a golf course. One night, a group of Shads (who, for their own protection shall remain nameless!) decided it would be worth the potential punishment to sneak away under the cover of darkness for a dip in the water trap on the course. I still remember sputtering up to the surface after Alex dunked me, blinking water out of my eyes & complaining my contacts had floated away (which scored me a piggy back ride home!). But I digress.

The reason I’m sharing the story is that we did get caught, sort of. One counsellor, John, found out about the little adventure … but instead of doling out punishment, he was just disappointed we didn’t invite him! John has remained a friend over the years and recently sent his RSVP for the wedding. He’s going to be away on work at the time, but he will be with us in spirit – and in my bouquet. Here’s the explanation John sent for his contribution:

“You know how anytime you clean something up you chuck stuff you think there’d seriously be no use for, and then realize you need them six months later?  Well.  I had a fiasco in the house last fall, had a huge hailstorm that basically destroyed my roof and sent water into one of the bedrooms, which necessitated a lot of work just to get all the crap out of there so that fixing-up could commence.  When going thru all this stuff, I found a ton of old costume jewelery and thought well, who’s going to want this? And so I gave it to a thrift shop.  Much of it would have been perfect for your bouquet, but I went through what was left last night and found two small flowery things (they’re actually big clip-on earrings of my great-grandmother’s) that you could tuck in a corner and fill up a gap between some bigger things.”


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