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Passing the Torch September 12, 2010

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Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been as loyal about updating the blog lately. I do still have a few brooches that never made it on here that I plan on posting write-ups for, mostly to ensure I have a full record of all the wonderful generosity showed upon Alex & me leading up to – and including – our wedding.

Until then, I’m posting a few photos from our photographers of the final product. There will be more to post in the coming weeks; we did an entire photography session with just me & the bouquet!

Also, I’d like to point you to another blog. A wonderful bride-to-be here in the Moncton-area has decided to create a brooch bouquet of her own; I’m looking forward to giving her any knowledge I might have gained & seeing what she creates!

Thank you again for all your contributions and support – you helped make our day incredible!