My Bridal Bouquet

Documenting the creation of my handful of memories

Australian adventure April 21, 2010

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Friends of ours recently returned from an adventure of a lifetime in Australia. Even a world away, enjoying a trip they’ve planned for about as long as we’ve been planning our wedding, they thought of us & my bridal bouquet.

I have to say, this was one of my favourite packages to unwrap so far. It came in a bubble-wrap envelope bigger than my outstretched hand. Inside was a box with an envelope on top. The lime green & blue card with the hot pink bag containing the brooch were a perfect match to the bright, bold colours we’re using for the wedding. The card, in part, reads:

“We came across a market stall in Sydney that sold nothing but pretty jewels. It was like a candy store filled with colourful sweets! I picked up this brooch and thought it captured the whimsical touches you’re adding to your special day – a little bit of Australia to add to your bouquet!”

The brooch is perfect – full of colours that aren’t already represented in my bouquet, with dainty leaves that I can’t draw my eyes away from. I know it will take a place of honour in my bouquet, just as the friendship that it represents has a place of honour in my heart.

The joy for life and love of friends that Noemie and Bryan share with the world is a true gift; it’s been an inspiration to me and will always be the basis for many of my most precious memories of our time in Toronto.


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