My Bridal Bouquet

Documenting the creation of my handful of memories

My Bridal Bouquet October 14, 2010

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Thank you for coming to visit My Bridal Bouquet!

The big day has come & gone, but my bouquet remains a lasting memory of all the friends & family who showered us with love & support — including all you online friends who’ve been posting & re-posting about this project. (You can still read about all the stories behind the brooches in the archive.)

I thought I’d finally post a few of the professional photos, with thanks to Yorke Photography for being so amazing & letting us share these images!


2 Responses to “My Bridal Bouquet”

  1. Maria Says:

    OMG, I’m soo happy I came across your blog today!!! I came up with the idea this morning that my bouquet would be more meaningful to me if I had family members & close friends contribute brooches. After researching ideas on how to start my brooch bouquet, I found your blog. Your blog inspired me to take it a step forward & document each brooch I received through our wedding website!

    Congrats on your marriage and your bouquet turned out AMAZING 🙂

  2. macmorton Says:

    Thanks, Maria! Best of luck on your project – my biggest advice is to stay on top of things, don’t let it pile up & become a stressor! I wouldn’t say it’s realistic to document each piece as it arrives, but try to set aside time at least once a week to catch up – there are still a few last minute additions I need to document before I turn this blog into a scrapbook!

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