My Bridal Bouquet

Documenting the creation of my handful of memories

Jana’s Jewels July 23, 2010

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One of the most interesting people I met through Alex’s MBA program is a gal named Jana. She’s a person who faces life head on, asks the critical questions, and doesn’t just accept the status quo. She’s also got a huge heart and is the first to step up when someone – person or animal – needs someone else to speak for them or lend a hand. I hope a little bit of her tenacity rubs off by carrying her brooches in my bouquet!


One Response to “Jana’s Jewels”

  1. Lynn Says:

    I know the wedding date is almost here. Just wanted to wish you both a joyful, loved filled, fun, meaningful occasion! So happy to have played a small part. Thank you for sharing with us. Looking forward to seeing photos.

    Have fun. Sending hugs to you both,

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