My Bridal Bouquet

Documenting the creation of my handful of memories

My Roots are Showing July 19, 2010

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I’ve had the privilege to work with a lot of fantastic people over the years, cultivating friendships outside of the office with many. One of the people I feel most blessed to have been given the opportunity to get to know is Yvonne. There are so many qualities about Yvonne – her sense of style, her attention to detail, her work ethic, her generosity – that I look to as examples of how I’d like to be in my own life. Her choice of this lovely thistle brooch – “A thistle for a MacNeil; it just seems right to me!” – speaks to all of that and more. It’s a piece she received from a relative of her husband’s, Ralphie. Yvonne writes: “Ralphie was a lovely and generous woman. She would be very pleased to know her little pin was part of something so wonderful as your wedding bouquet!” I’m honoured to have her – and Yvonne – be part of my day in this way!


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