My Bridal Bouquet

Documenting the creation of my handful of memories

Daydream Believer July 16, 2010

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There are a few things I made a point of doing before I left Toronto – and I’m happy to say one of those was a long-overdue reunion with a great gal who went to camp with Alex & me all those years ago. Janna is from Newfoundland, one of our little group of five Shads who called Atlantic Canada home. She’s a peaceful soul who always brings a smile to my face; when we met for breakfast that day, it was like only 14 days had passed since we’d last seen each other, not 14 years. It’s a great memory, one I hope doesn’t take another 14 years to repeat!

Janna sent a lovely note with her offering for my bouquet; it tells the story so well, I’m going to share it with you. Here’s an abridged version of Janna’s tale:

Born and bred in Newfoundland, I’ve always been a keen beachcomber – head down, eyes sweeping ahead of my feet for any little treasure … When I moved to Toronto, I took my beachcombing ways to city streets and always managed to stumble on little forgotten treasures – wishing coins, lucky pennies, errant earrings, subway tokens, costume jewelery – odds and ends that remind me of my rambling adventures in the Big Smoke. Consider this a token of your time in Toronto, too!

Janna, your purple heart – with it’s hints of Toronto and Newfoundland – is a perfect reflection of your generous, adventuring nature & will take a special place in my bouquet!


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