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From Cape Breton to Toronto and back again July 14, 2010

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Two months before our wedding day, on May 31 2010, my friend Andrea sat down in Toronto to write me a note. As she always does, she brought a smile to my face – and even a tear to my eye!

Andrea and I met when I moved to Toronto and began working at CBC Radio Syndication. She is a bright light in a sometimes dark place – and her happy smile and early morning enthusiasm made me hope I was half as cheerful to folks when I worked the same crack-of-dawn hours.

Andrea sent along two brooches – one, a lovely pink & black ‘Sex in the City’ bauble, reminds me of the fun adventures shared in the Big Smoke. The second speaks to our other shared (in an odd, never-there-at-the-same-time) experience – working at CBC Radio in Sydney, Cape Breton.

You see, the summer I spent in Toronto, Andrea spent in Sydney. I filled her head full of tidbits about the folks there before she left, and when she returned, she caught me up on what was new at home. She tells me she bought the second brooch she sent “in a massive building next to a giant fiddle” – yes, Andrea, I know that building well! – while looking for a keepsake of her time in Cape Breton. She picked up two brooches that day – and now one of them has returned East, to be part of my bouquet.

I love this line of Andrea’s note about the brooches:
“I’m forced … to miss the wedding, but know that my very best wishes – and brooch (seriously, it’s the one that isn’t missing a stone) – are with you. It comes from home via a friend grateful to spend some time there.”

Thanks, cupcake. I’m happy to have helped you with your summer adventure to Cape Breton, and to share that additional bond with you. Miss you!


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