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A Pocket full of Posies July 13, 2010

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What a fabulous exciting day it was when this box of treasures appeared in the mail!

All the way from Victoria, BC, my friend & co-worker Shannon sent these ‘sparklies’ she picked up at church sales, yard sales, thrift shops and her own jewelery box. There are so many fun treasures in this box it’s hard to single any out – though I can say the large blue & red enamel brooches (similar to the one Katriona sent) are fabulous for filling up spaces in the bouquet and adding a burst of flower power! I’ve seen a few examples of other brooch bouquets online that use these types of brooches almost entirely; here’s a link to one that also offers instructions on how to put it together, if you’re wondering how that part of the process is going!


One Response to “A Pocket full of Posies”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Great photo Jenna. I was going to say that the large flowers reminded me of the White Stripes show in Glace Bay we went to, which it does, even though navy is not black. Can’t wait to see how your bouquet comes together.

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