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Sydney Mines some more! June 24, 2010

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The ladies of Carmen United in Sydney Mines are making sure I’m carrying the best bouquet possible when I walk down the aisle in July. My step-mother’s aunt has been sharing my quest for brooches – and the response has been overwhelming! Two of the prettiest contributions came from Loretta Colburn. I’m a big fan of shades of green these days – and look at the lovely piece Loretta sent! There’s also a fabulous pink brooch that reminds me of the early June roses that my Nana loved – and that now bloom outside my house. It will be my pleasure to carry these brooches with me in July – when a United minister who grew up in Sydney Mines marries me to my best friend.


4 Responses to “Sydney Mines some more!”

  1. tenthoubride Says:

    WOW! I am loving your journey. I mention it all the time “This girl…well….online…” Yeah, that always goes over really well….Anyway, I love your brooch bouquet and it’s going to be GREAT, especially with these additions!

    • macmorton Says:

      Thanks so much! My fabulous photographers are going to take it for its own little mini-shoot before the big day, so there’ll be lots of quality images in a few weeks! (And I talk about ‘friends’ & ‘people I know’ all the time that I only know online!)

  2. Anita MacDonnell Says:

    Jenna – I “happened” upon your engagement pics on the photography website and then continued on to this link. I absolutely LOVE what you are doing – I think it is a beautiful way to bring it all together. The stories are great and what a memory maker. Enjoying your blog and cannot wait to see the finished bouquet. Lots of good wishes to you and Alex. It was so nice to see you at Jenn’s wedding in Fort Mac last year.

    Hugs, Anita (Halifax)

    • macmorton Says:

      Thanks so much – and so nice to hear from you! We’re planning to make Calum & Jocelyn’s wedding in October, so maybe we’ll see you again soon!

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