My Bridal Bouquet

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BFF June 18, 2010

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Remember that one? BFF – Best Friends Forever!

When I was younger, ‘best friends’ pendants were popular – you know, one heart engraved with the words, then split in two so each best friend had one to wear. I always envied the girls who wore them – so it was beyond fabulous when I got my brooch gift from Crystal!

I’ve watched Crystal grow up from a quiet young girl at her mother’s wedding to my cousin, to being the best big sister to her younger brothers and sister, to being a thoughtful, intelligent, beautiful young lady — who made my day when her parcel arrived.

Crystal sent a photo along with her package — it was of the brooch she sent, and another one. Turns out the brooch she saw that she wanted to send me came as part of a pair – so she kept one so we can have ‘friendship brooches!’ I love the sentiment and the thought behind it – and can’t wait to show my friend her contribution, tucked into my bouquet, on the big day!


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