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Dawn’s Evidence May 20, 2010

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Creativity definitely runs strong in my family; it’s one of the traits that I cherish the most about us Dan Rory’s (my paternal grandfather’s lineage). I still rave about the gift my cousin Dawn gave me for my 16th birthday – it was a car ’emergency’ box. Each item was individually wrapped with a note – a quarter in case I needed to call a tow truck, $5 for gas, a rosary to hang on the review mirror, a map to her house, etc. So I can’t say I was totally surprised when her ‘evidence’ package arrived for my bouquet.

The first note reads:

I enjoy Law & Order, Criminal Minds, etc … so here’s your little packages of my evidence to you that I care about your bouquet … and you … and your marriage to Alex!
Enjoy & Open in Order!
Love Dawn

(PS – Alex is in love with your writing, Dawn. And we’ve watched every episode of Criminal Minds together. Love the packages!)

Inside ‘Exhibit A’ I found a ‘memories angel.’ This sparkly darling (made in Alberta) was the first piece Dawn found for the bouquet.

“I thought it spoke perfectly to the many hours, nights, days we spent together not only as cousins, but as friends!”

You’re very right, Dawn. It’s lovely & the poem on the card is perfect:

Memories Angel

This “Thoughtful” little angel carries upon its pearly wings,
A little bit of nostalgia to share with someone on a rainy day,
Of family fun, old school chums, childhood days, and lots of other things,
So tuck away your woes, toss aside your tears,
for only good memories are here to stay!

Exhibits B & C are linked to our shared interest and heritage – Gaelic.

The green & white pin is the symbol which was chosen to represent the Nova Scotia Gaels & was “fitting for you and your mom’s interest in Gaelic” (writes my cousin who was the first person to graduate in the province – and in the country – with Gaelic as her teachable subject!).

The three pearl circles are to represent the Celtic knot ideal of past, present and future … “or MacNeil, Morton, MacMorton … Jenna, Alex, progeny … single life, together life, married life …” You get the idea where she was going with this, eh?

(PS – Alex was impressed by the teacher in Dawn, who included website links to more information about these symbols; I added few more.)

The final Exhibit was, of course, the best. I’ll let Dawn explain:

“Since you first tweeted it, first blogged about it, I’ve been on the fiercest hunt to find the perfect red brooch; one that would encompass heritage, family ties, song, stories, sugar cookies, well water, late nights, great conversations on the stairs, concerts on the cistern … A brooch with Red Points.”

For those of you who didn’t grow up around Dawn and I, let me explain. Our parents grew up in a place called Red Point. Most of our bonding time as children was spent at that old farmhouse, a gaggle of girls all within a span of seven or eight years, who shared more great times than any one person should be so lucky to enjoy. I will think of all those great memories as I see the ‘red points’ of these roses staring back at me from my bouquet – and as I get to look around and see all those cousins supporting me as I walk down the aisle to Alex in July.

Dawn, you made your case. 🙂 Moran taing!


3 Responses to “Dawn’s Evidence”

  1. Helen Says:

    This blog is touching! I guess for the obivious reasons: Dawn is my sister and my cousin Jenna. The three of us sure did spend many cherrished moments together. All the best Jenna & Alex! See you on Saturday 🙂

  2. Helen Says:

    And Jenna is my cousin. This is what I should have typed!

  3. meg detheridge Says:

    hey! i love the 3 circles of pearls i believe its my fav so far! i love your blog!!

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