My Bridal Bouquet

Documenting the creation of my handful of memories

Happy Mother’s Day! May 8, 2010

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My cousin Carla is celebrating her first Mother’s Day – Leland Patrick Belleville chose to join our family on April 26. I’ll never forget how I found out she was expecting; the RSVP for the wedding had a +1 I wasn’t expecting!

Carla, her sisters Joanna & Donna, and their mother, Joan, were some of the first people to contribute to my bouquet: a lovely pink flower from Joan, and a family ‘heirloom’ from the girls.

I have so many great memories of times spent with these lovely ladies – both as a child and as an adult; Leland certainly has picked some amazing women to welcome him into this world! One of my fondest childhood memories is summer trips to Antigonish to take in the Highland Games. I’d spend days at Columbus Field with the girls, pretending we could play & dance like the competitors, going home to practice & put on our own mini-concerts for our indulgent audience. The support and love we felt during those days remains as strong and vivid now; a true treasure that I don’t take for granted and am so glad will be a part of Leland’s life.

A constant during those long-ago days were little MacNeil tartan tam pins – so I’ll be happy to have one with me when I walk down the aisle, with my dad in his tartan kilt and all the MacNeil ladies (and Leland!) looking on.


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