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Pinks & Purples May 4, 2010

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I’m blessed to have many role models for how to create a loving marriage and home. One of those I feel so privileged to have experienced first-hand is that of my friends Dave and Erin. They are raising three amazing children in an environment of support, encouragement and respect that is truly inspirational. It’s also a lot of fun — you can get a taste of it at Dave’s blog, Tomato Transplants. Erin recently sent me a package for the bouquet (a very fun package, I might add – filled with mini-chocolate bars, wrapped up in a polka-dot bow – so awesome!).  Inside, I found two sets of funky clip-on earrings that Erin found at Value Village; it’s amazing how much joy such little baubles can bring! There’s something about these earrings that are just perfect for this project – I can’t decide if it’s the colour, the size, or the dimension to them – but I smile everytime I look at them! I can’t wait to work them into the bouquet – and to show them to the kids when they come to wedding!

(Jane, I think a yellow dress would be beautiful, and Henry, ties are very cool.)


2 Responses to “Pinks & Purples”

  1. Dave Says:

    Hurrah! Can’t wait for the day. I promise to be the BEST emcee EVER.

  2. erin bateman Says:

    Thanks for such kind words, you make me weepy-eyed.
    P.S. Please ignore all comments by a so-called “Dave”.

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