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Little Treasures May 1, 2010

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The RSVPs are making their way back & I’ve had not one but two good friends decline for the same reason – they’re expecting and are due right around the date of the wedding! It seems fitting that one of these friends, Kat, has sent me a brooch that belonged to her mother “back when she was a hippie.” I’ve always been inspired by Kat and her six siblings; all around my age, they enjoy an incredibly loving, loyal, fun-filled relationship that to me is the embodiment of the word family. I’m sure Kat’s brooch will bring me all the “peace, love and happiness” she imagines – as will having her and her family as role models for the way I hope to raise ours.


One Response to “Little Treasures”

  1. Lynn Says:

    What a neat brooch. Looks like it was handmade. Certainly fitting for a bouquet!

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