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Geraldine’s Gift April 1, 2010

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Alex’s maternal great-grandmother, Geraldine (Green) Lockhart, passed away shortly after he and his parents moved back to Canada – but she’s still managed to be part of our special day, thanks to Alex’s great-aunt Norma. She sent us a parcel from Calgary – two of her mother’s brooches! One is a lovely handmade (I think) flower with a black felt stem and a black-and-grey fur blossom.

The other is made by Cara China in Staffordshire, England. I found a fair number of similar Cara China brooches for sale online; it seems their popularity spiked in the 1970s when the Ambassador of Tunisia’s American wife ‘discovered’ the shop full of hand-painted fine bone china ornaments, broaches, earrings, according to this site. The company is based in Stroke-on-Trent, in what is now know as England’s Potteries Urban Area. This is also where you’ll find the roots of Wedgewood, Royal Doulton, Stoke and many other famous names. I feel very honoured to be able to carry this piece of Alex’s great-grandmother with us down the aisle in July.


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