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A Grandmother’s Legacy March 4, 2010

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My paternal grandmother turned 90 this year – and what a celebration of life it was! It’s incredible to see the number of lives one person can touch. I’ve never felt overly close to my grandmother – she’s got more than a dozen kids and more than three dozen grandkids and great-grandkids, so there wasn’t a lot of one-on-one time. But of all the branches on my family tree, I think hers is the one that influences me most today. She’s a strong willed woman, who left her home on the top of a mountain in Cape Breton in her teens to head to the ‘Boston States’ to work & send money home. She returned home to marry a much older man not of her faith – not an easy step to take, even for love, in Victoria County in 1940. That desire to make her own way stands out in my mind, always. So does the virtue she instilled in her children, which has been passed on to her grandchildren – to make a difference in one’s community. She’s still volunteering at the seniors home where she now lives, she’s helped shape the local museum, school board and political landscape, and she’s raised a family that comes together whenever someone needs a hand – or needs a celebration! (Can’t wait to see so many of the Dan Rory’s this summer at our wedding.) Grammie won’t be at our celebration this summer, but this brooch that she had for her first suit when she went to the United States as a teenager, will be in my hands – and will be cherished forever. Thank you for everything, Grammie.


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