My Bridal Bouquet

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My Bridal Bouquet October 14, 2010

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Thank you for coming to visit My Bridal Bouquet!

The big day has come & gone, but my bouquet remains a lasting memory of all the friends & family who showered us with love & support — including all you online friends who’ve been posting & re-posting about this project. (You can still read about all the stories behind the brooches in the archive.)

I thought I’d finally post a few of the professional photos, with thanks to Yorke Photography for being so amazing & letting us share these images!


Passing the Torch September 12, 2010

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Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been as loyal about updating the blog lately. I do still have a few brooches that never made it on here that I plan on posting write-ups for, mostly to ensure I have a full record of all the wonderful generosity showed upon Alex & me leading up to – and including – our wedding.

Until then, I’m posting a few photos from our photographers of the final product. There will be more to post in the coming weeks; we did an entire photography session with just me & the bouquet!

Also, I’d like to point you to another blog. A wonderful bride-to-be here in the Moncton-area has decided to create a brooch bouquet of her own; I’m looking forward to giving her any knowledge I might have gained & seeing what she creates!

Thank you again for all your contributions and support – you helped make our day incredible!


Update August 11, 2010

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For all you wondering … the big day has come & gone (hence the break in posting!) & was fabulous! I’ll work on posting some picture soon – I’m waiting to see if I can get a picture of the bouquet from our professional photographers to share!


A touch of red July 29, 2010

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My friend Karen left a little treasure on my desk at work one day. This little fellow will indeed find a place to twinkle among my treasures as I walk down the aisle. Karen’s package was wrapped up with red yarn, and her card held this ancient Chinese saying that suits Alex & I perfectly:

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

(There must be a little red thread between Karen and I, as well – we went to university together 10 years ago and have since shared cubicle non-walls (think Les Nesman) in three different jobs, and now her little ‘something blue’ will forever be part of our lives – as will our memories of her acting as MC for our wedding dinner.)


Jana’s Jewels July 23, 2010

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One of the most interesting people I met through Alex’s MBA program is a gal named Jana. She’s a person who faces life head on, asks the critical questions, and doesn’t just accept the status quo. She’s also got a huge heart and is the first to step up when someone – person or animal – needs someone else to speak for them or lend a hand. I hope a little bit of her tenacity rubs off by carrying her brooches in my bouquet!


From the (geeky) heart July 22, 2010

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Alex and I are quick to admit we’re a little bit geek. C’mon, we met at a camp for students with good grades where we chose to spend half of the summer before our senior year sitting in seminars and doing assignments! And yet, I think my little brother might give us a run for our money when it comes to earning the title ‘geek.’

I’m really proud of my brother for being more-than-a-little non-conformist, for living his life without apologizing for who he is. It also leads me to worry about him, but I also know he’s smart enough to know there’s an easier path in life – and it’s not the one for him.

I’m also really stoked he (along with his wonderful companion Kim) contributed a piece to my bouquet – and even more excited about how perfect a memento it is to symbolize the geeky streak we all love & share.

This pendant is made from a recycled mother board circuit, with a copper flower attached. They bought it from The Blue Kraken on Etsy.


Riverview Style July 21, 2010

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One of the many reasons we decided to live near Moncton when we moved East was because of the immediate welcome we knew we’d get from a group of friends that go back to Alex’s childhood days. Among those people is Kristin – a gal with style and passion anyone would admire. She’s also a practical person; she chose these lovely flowers so that I could work a bit of consistency into my bouquet! They’re lovely pieces on their own, but together they do seem to shine a little brighter – kinda like people coming together in marriage. Thanks, Kristin, for all your help!